Ambleside Sports: Women’s goal

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World title for women on the line in wrestling

At the end of this years’s Ambleside Sports day, a new world
champion will have been crowned – in women’s wrestling.The
first ever women’s world championship for Cumberland and
Westmorland wrestling will be staged this summer at popular
event at Rydal Park, which, as traditional, will be held
on the last Thursday in July – July 28..Women were first
allowed to compete in the sport only ten years ago.

“We are very proud to be hosting the first world championship,”
said Jak Hirst, the Ambleside Sports chairman and a former
professional juggler. “We have staged women’s events over the
last few years but we are thrilled to have the world championship
here in our 130th anniversary.”

The first Ambleside Sports featured wrestling along with the same events which are on the
schedules today: fell running, track racing, track cycling and hound-trailing.

 Women’s wrestling, Cumberland and Westmorland-style.

Women’s wrestling, Cumberland and Westmorland-style.