There are a wide ranging of shops in the town, which can probably lay claim to the title ‘UK capital of outgear clothing’, such are the number of shops in this category!

Check out the photographs on this page showing most of the retail locations in the town.



Compston Road 2

Compston Road, looking towards the T-junction with Rydal Road (left) and Market Cross (right)


Compston Road

Looking up Compston Road from the White Platts end


The Slack 1

From Compston Road, looking up The Slack – a very narrow road at its upper end


Vicarage Road

Junction of Vicarage Road and Millens Park, seen from Compston Road


Rydal Road

Start of Rydal Road, from near the junction with Market Cross


Market Cross 1

Market Cross, looking towards the Salutation Hotel, a major landmark in the centre of the town


Market Cross 2

Pedestrianised shopping area in Market Cross, built on the site of the former bus station



North Road

Narrow North Road, once the main road north from the town, has a number of shops. Silver Moon is at the junction of Peggy Hill (a footpath)


Market Hall

The Market Hall, at the junction of Market Cross and Market Place, is now a Thai restaurant. It has a rather unusual name – Doi Intanon – after the highest point in Thailand (8,415ft)


Woollen Mill

The Edinburgh Woollen Mill is part of a cluster of three shops beside the Salutation Hotel



Cheapside is home to Bilbo’s Café and the wonderfully named Sweeney Bob’s barbers


Market Place

Market Place, looking from the big bend in the main road south through Ambleside


Queens Hotel

Queens Hotel in Market Place, another famous Ambleside landmark


The Slack 3

From Market Place, The Slack is accessed under an archway (a useful place to shelter in the rain)


Market Place 2

Looking towards Lake Road from Market Place


Market Place 3

From the same position as the previous photograph, looking back towards the Salutation Hotel


Market Place 4

The seats in front of the White Lion Hotel (left) are popular when the sun shines. This is another view from Market Place looking towards Lake Road


White Lion

From the junction on Church Street, Market Place and Lake Road, looking back to Market Place and the White Lion Hotel, the third major hotel landmark in the centre of the town


Church Street

Top of  Church Street at the junction with Lake Road


Church Street 2

Looking down Church Street from the junction with Lake Road


Lake Road

Looking down Lake Road from near the junction with Church Street



Lake Road 2

Looking back to the town centre from Lake Road near its junction with Wansfell Road. High Pike is the fell seeming to loom over Ambleside